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Our Parents say:

"Our family is new to the city and when we needed to find a nanny for our 7 month old son we turned to Polish Sitters to find a trustworthy nanny." - Lana P.

Our Service Providers say:

"I just finished raising a young girl and started looking for a new job. Polish Sitters really helped me find a job quick." - Veronika H.

Job listings

Part time nanny 7-9am and 4-6pm

Yan Pritzker (Skokie, IL 60076)
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Looking for a sitter for my elderly grandparents

Rachel Segal (New York, NY 10023)
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Kristina Hevko (Chicago, IL 60171)
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Look for a Nanny for Our 2 2/1-Year Old on Upper East Side

Andrey Kuljiev (New York, New York 10065)
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Need Nanny in Coral Springs, FL for two year old twins

Marina Kudryashova (Coral Springs, FL 33071)
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