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Our Parents say:

"Finding the right nanny is a very hard thing to do. Polish Sitters made the process much easier for us!" - Gena M.

Our Service Providers say:

"I am a bit on the older side so it was hard to find a job, until I signed up with Polish Sitters and was matched up with a great family who was looking for exactly what I had to offer." - Svetlana D.

Job listings

Part time babysitter for 2 kids

Alena Ulaner (Newport beach, California 92661)
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Yana R (Roslyn, Ny 11576)
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Looking for reliable nanny in Tampa area

Martin Amador (Tampa, Florida 33616)
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Full-Time Nanny for 2-Year-Old Boy

Janis Drics (Atlanta, GA 30339)
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Full Time Live in or Come and go Nanny

Christopher Spivak (Reston, Virginia 20191)
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