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Our Parents say:

"Our family is new to the city and when we needed to find a nanny for our 7 month old son we turned to Polish Sitters to find a trustworthy nanny." - Lana P.

Our Service Providers say:

"After looking for a job for 3 months, I found out about Polish Sitters and immediately filled out a profile. I was contacted by a lovely mother of a 4 month old daughter the next day! I start my new job next week!" - Zhanna R.

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Нужна Няня в штат Аризона, оплатим перелёт с проживанием

Olga Gokova (Tucson, AZ 85737)
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Looking for a nanny

Maria Klufas (ROMEOVILLE, ILLINOIS 60446-5800)
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Looking for a Nanny for a 1 yr 3 month old in Aurora, CO

Elmira Buchanan (Aurora, CO 80016)
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