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Our Parents say:

"Our family is new to the city and when we needed to find a nanny for our 7 month old son we turned to Polish Sitters to find a trustworthy nanny." - Lana P.

Our Service Providers say:

"I am a bit on the older side so it was hard to find a job, until I signed up with Polish Sitters and was matched up with a great family who was looking for exactly what I had to offer." - Svetlana D.

Job listings

ISO Polish speaking part time babysitter/nanny for 4 month old

Ken G (Brooklyn, NY 11231)
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Caregiver for 85 years old mentally clear but physically weakened lady

Andre Tal (Mississauga, Ontario L5K1X1)
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dariko mekvabishvili (Milwaukee, WI 53092)
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Babysitter needed in San Antonio, Texas

charlotte Anthony (San Antonio, TX 78240)
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Caregiver for an elderly sweet grandmother

Anita Yardemian (La Crescenta, CA 91214)
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